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Uniformed Security and Fire Extinguisher Services


Security Guard Services

GCS, Inc. can offer on-site, unarmed security services at a variety of locations. We can create a customized, strategic plan for security services at your site or location. Gem City Security, Inc. is licensed through the State of Ohio. Additionally, all of our security guards are licensed through the State of Ohio.

Having a security guard on-site can provide the following:
  • Deter vandalism on site
  • Control all visitors to the job site
  • Maintain a list of all vehicles, deliveries, and visitors to the site
  • Foot patrol/inspection of perimeter/property
  • Secure entrance and exit areas of site during non-operational hours
  • Maintain watch over equipment or materials
  • Guard offices, trailers, etc. 
  • Inspection of perimeter and property
  • Deter theft of equipment or materials

    Gem City Security, Inc. is able to provide security services for a one day event, a weekend, or longer periods of time. Please contact us to discuss how we are best able to meet your needs! 

*We are able to provide licensed security guards for West Virginia customers; however, a minimum of one month notice will be required prior to the beginning of service.